Aromatherapy Arthritis, Pain, Swelling, Gout Relief Blend

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Product Description

Made with 100% Pure Essential Oils, this therapeutic blend will give you quick and lasting relief of pain and swelling of arthritis, inflammation, swelling, gout, muscle spasms. I've used Rice Bran Oil for a carrier oil and infused it with Birch Essential Oil, Cypress Essential Oil, Fir Needle Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Pine Needle Essential Oil, Ginger Essential Oil and Wintergreen Essential Oil, Black Pepper Essential Oil.

This Aromatherapy Arthritis Blend comes in a 7 ml. glass bottle with a convenient roller ball. Apply a small amount to the affected area and rub in. The oils will fully absorb in a few minutes. Wash hands thoroughly.

Our testers have used this oil on shoulders, elbows, knees, hands, feet, lower backs, ankles and wrists. Everyone has found this blend to give them relief within minutes that has lasted for hours and even days.

Customer comments:

My knees have been swollen due to injuries from years ago and have made it hard for me to walk and climb steps. They have both reduced in size in three days and have remained pain free! I can finally stop taking pain killers!

My elbow was enlarged from an arthritis flare up nearly five years ago and reduced in size in three days and is now pain free! I am now able to straighten my arm all of the way for the first time in five years. This oil is amazing!

I now have surgery 4 years ago on my knee. I spend a lot of time standing during my job and my knee throbs like crazy every night. Since using this oil, the pain greatly reduced. My back usually is so painful and has spasms every night. Now, it doesn't ache nearly as much at night and I'm sleeping better than I have in years.

I've had knee problems for years. Normally, when I get out of my SUV, I have to ease my feet down slowly to the ground and lean against the vehicle for a few moments to get my bearings. I usually then limp as I walk. This oil instantly relieved the pain in my knees and I easily walked several steps away from my SUV before I realized that I didn't do my usual routine because I didn't have any pain!

I've had arthritis in my hands, fingers and thumbs for years. A small amount of this oil has my hands feeling almost pain free after nearly 60 years!

Although I have had knee replacement surgery, both of my knees give me a lot trouble. Since using this oil, I have had way less pain. I also put it on my feet since they seem to ache at night and I have finally gotten relief!

Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Do not use this product on infants, children or pets. Avoid getting this product in or near your eyes. Do not ingest this product.

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent disease. Individual results may vary. While we use the highest quality ingredients available, the shop/owner assumes no liability for usage of this product. We advise that you consult your doctor before use if you have any medical condition that could be a contraindication to use of this product.

Aromatherapy Arthritis, Pain, Swelling, Gout Relief Blend Aromatherapy Arthritis, Pain, Swelling, Gout Relief Blend Aromatherapy Arthritis, Pain, Swelling, Gout Relief Blend Aromatherapy Arthritis, Pain, Swelling, Gout Relief Blend Aromatherapy Arthritis, Pain, Swelling, Gout Relief Blend