I love, love, love creating things!

Custom-scented deodorants

I love, love, love creating things! I am very interested in studying natural ingredients, including organic materials. I love learning as much as I can about natural oils, butters, essential oils, etc. I want the finest-quality products not only for my own use, but wish to provide them for my valuable customers as well. I have been making soaps and lotions for about 20 years now and just love it! It is such a creative passion for me. I love creating new recipes for various beauty products to meet specific needs. I enjoy many other creative pursuits such as watercolors, pottery, writing, paper-making, cooking and baking. I also love reading, gardening and traveling.

DMAE and MSM Facial Creme
Mango Papaya Shaving Soaps
Carrot Calendula Goat Milk Soap
Revitalizing Facial Mask with Fuller's Earth, Bentonite Clay, Rose Clay and Goat's Milk
Cute Kitty Cat Soaps

Luscious Lather

Fenton, MI, USA

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